Montenegro has good conditions for development of all types of tourism, as it has beautiful beaches, mountain region in the north, rich cultural heritage and the well-preserved natural environment. Montenegro becomes the famous tourist resort.

Almost all economic activities of Montenegro are focused on the development of tourism. It has set itself a goal the development of Montenegro in an elite tourist destination.

Montenegro is a maritime country with a long maritime tradition. It connects a part of its history to the sea and marine. Kotor is an old maritime center of this part of the Adriatic sea.

Also, there is a regular ferry boat shipping lines Bar-Bari.

In Montenegro, there are 2 airports, Podgorica airport and Tivat airport. The first is the most important airport in the country, while the second is important for summer tourism.

Montenegrin cuisine is a result of the geographical position of Montenegro and its long history.

Italian impact on traditional dishes in the continental part of Montenegro and its Adriatic coast is obvious in the way of preparing bread, meat, cheese, wine and alcoholic beverages, broth and soups.

The second major influence comes from the Levant, and from other parts of the Mediterranean. The influence of continental Europe mostly left its traces on the preparation of desserts.

Montenegrin cuisine depends on geographical location, since the meals that are served on the seaside are different from food in the northern mountain regions. The coast is under a great influence of Mediterranean cuisine, with usual dishes of seafood (fish, octopus, shrimp and squids).
The Montenegrin cuisine is famous by Domestic Prosciutto. Famous wines from Montenegro are Cormorant (red wine) and Krstac (white wine).

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